Other faucets powered by the Wavesdrop engine
wavesdrop.com The first Waves and Tokens faucet in history
Freewav.es More free Waves and 100% exclusive tokens
Fountain Perpetua A node distributes its generated Waves and assets to the community
The Dump Someone’s garbage is someone else’s treasure.
NEW! Wavesfullnode Faucet LPoS node and Waves/Tokens faucet.

You don’t own a Waves address yet? Download the Chrome app or the Lite Client :


What is the wavesdrop engine?

The Wavesdrop engine is a faucet engine specifically created for the Wavesplatform, allowing anyone with a Waves wallet address to benefit from free Waves but also free tokens, the engine supports and distributes any token created on the platform, even those which aren’t created yet. Setting up your own faucet is as easy as creating a token in the Waves liteclient and sending some to the distributing address. You can distribute in a few minutes. Faucet creation is now directly linked to asset creation.

Why has it been created?

The faucets are real community builders around a cryptocurrency. Waves didn’t have one at the beginning and Mr Sasha Ivanov himself (CEO of the Waves platform) asked if some developers could create one on the Wavesplatform slack. I (Sphearis) had already started to develop an useful library to interact with the platform, there were only a few functions missing and approximately 1 week later Wavesdrop was born: It started with Waves distribution only, then added random tokens distribution and now evolved in a full featured (but still evolving) engine allowing any token creator to benefit from it.

As a Waves user, how do I use it?

You simply have to enter your address, complete the captcha(bot prevention) and click on the claim button. After a few minutes, the Waves and/or tokens will be available in your wallet

How can you give free Waves and tokens?

The faucet systems are funded by ad revenues or simply created to build a community around a token, it’s one of the greatest cryptocurrency tool for that use. And we allow it to be easy to setup to anyone.

I just created an asset, where’s my faucet?

Your faucet is automatically generated with almost no delay. You can reach it by typing https://wavesdrop.com?asset=YOURASSETID. YOURASSETID being the unique identifier linked to your asset. Not the name of your asset but the 43-44 long ID composed of letters and numbers. You also have to send some of your tokens for distribution on the specified address.

As an asset creator, can I benefit from my faucet?

Yes, you can. Using Wavesdrop as a community building tool isn’t the only way to benefit from your faucet, we also allow you to receive your ad revenues:
-You have to provide us with an adsense code block(the best way to reach us is to contact @sphearis in private message on the Wavesplatform slack), your adsense account has to be already active. We’ll work with other ad providers in the near future.
-All 3 adsense slots will be linked to your account (the two around the button and the one at the top of the right column)
-The Gravit ads (2 to 3 top ads) aren’t generating revenues to the asset creators as the ad system is still in beta, but it will in the final version.
-The service is completely free to setup but 5% of the distributed tokens are going to Oceanlab’s investors pool, that’s the only fee. For every 1 unit of your token you distribute, 0.05 are sent to our investors. Oceanlab’s Gravit engine is now powering this tool, allowing for more features and a more powerful infrastructure to run it.

Can we customize our faucet?

Faucet customizations are coming in one of the next updates, but we can already change a few parameters and themes manually if this is required.