What are Bitcoin Casinos? 5 Differences from Traditional Casinos


Looking for a fun way to earn (or spend) some of your Bitcoins? If so, you may want to consider checking out a Bitcoin casino. There are many crypto enthusiasts who prefer investing their money in digital currencies and the rise of Bitcoin casinos have given them a new way to acquire digital coins.


There is a plenty great Bitcoin casinos online, most of which will be easily accessible. You’ll have many opportunities to get involved – but first, why not learn a little more about them and why they’re worth checking out?


What are Bitcoin Casinos?

If you’re looking for an online casino where you can play to win Bitcoin instead of money in a traditional currency, you’re might want to give a Bitcoin casino a try. 


Most of them offer the most popular games and betting services, with a similar experience to other online gambling sites. But they are also different in some ways that enhance the overall experience and keep players coming back time and time again.


Here are a few quick facts about Bitcoin casinos:


    • Many people are turning to Bitcoin casinos instead of regular online ones for all the benefits they have to offer.  From security and anonymity to speed
    • As you may already know, the value of Bitcoin is volatile, so the value of your winnings could increase (or decrease) depending on how the market shifts
    • Bitcoin casinos don’t have to adhere to local gambling laws in a lot of cases
    • Most will offer bonuses, promotional offers and even free gaming credits
    • Out of all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the most popular and therefore can often be the best choice for beginners


5 Ways Bitcoin Casino is Different From Traditional Ones


In the beginning, you may feel that a Bitcoin casino is a little out of your comfort zone when it comes to gambling. This can seem even truer when you consider that there are a few regular casinos that actually accept Bitcoin as payment. However, there are certainly reasons why you might want to pick a specialised crypto casino. Here are 5 of the main ones that you might want to keep in mind


1) They use Bitcoin instead of traditional currencies


While this is the most obvious point, it’s also one that introduces quite many alterations, which makes the whole experience different for gamblers. There are advantages that can come with dedicating your efforts toward Bitcoin casinos specifically, all of which will help to make your gambling time even more fun. Just a couple of the advantages that come with replacing fiat currency with Bitcoin include:


    • The anonymity and security of players. While most traditional casinos will want personal information from their players, such as credit and debit card details, Bitcoin casinos are well known for the exact opposite. They don’t require anything too invasive for you to play. It’s this level of anonymity and discretion that entices many gamblers to switch to crypto alternatives.
    • They are extremely convenient. Don’t want to waste time on the long and process of filling out forms to get started? Do you want to be able to log in and start playing, or even withdraw your earnings instantly wherever you are in the zone? If so, the convenience of Bitcoin casinos can’t be overlooked

2) Bitcoin casinos tend to be cheaper


If you’re not used to non-traditional gambling methods, you may be surprised to hear that betting with cryptocurrencies could actually work out to be cheaper. Most regular online casinos will have higher transaction costs and deposit requirements, alongside the annoying taxes that come along with them. If you want to avoid all of this, just give a Bitcoin casino a try


Most of the costs are reduced or non-existent with these gambling sites. With lower or even negated transaction fees, you’ll get to enjoy more of your money. Plus, the fact that there’s no regulation from payment services means that withdrawing and depositing money from outside sources can have fewer charges, too.


3) There’s higher value in Bitcoin casinos


When you gamble, you play to win – and the more money the better, right? Well, another one of the things that set Bitcoin and regular casinos apart is that the crypto-based ones tend to offer players higher value. Due to the popularity of digital currency, the value has drastically increased over the years – meaning that you could either keep your winnings or save them until the prices rise and earn an even higher payout. 


4) Bitcoin casinos often  offer greater bonuses and more variety


Yet another way in which these casinos are different is that they often offer more bonuses and prizes. And it doesn’t take a mathematician to know that more bonuses and more games equal more fun.


If you’re the type of person who likes getting promotional offers and the chance to choose from plenty of different games, you’ll find out just why Bitcoin casinos can be a great choice.


5) There are less limitations 


Finally, you’ll often find that crypto-based casinos offer more freedom to gamblers than traditional online ones. From regional boundaries to other restrictions, there are a lot of things that can make online gambling a pain. Fortunately for those who want to try Bitcoin casinos, it can be easy and stress-free to start playing.


If you take away the crypto government regulations, payment restrictions and the fact that you can withdraw winnings whenever and wherever you want, you’ll find that the general experience with gambling cryptocurrencies is simpler overall.


Summing It up 

There are so many choices available to you, which is why narrowing down your options can be essential. 


While there are several factors that you should consider, one of the best things you can do is search online for some of the most popular regulated providers. By doing so, you’ll get an idea of which ones are considered to be the best, whether that’s in terms of accessibility, promotional offers, as well as reliability.