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CrowdWave 5XWiXK6RbwXsTnY2dSHQWnKVjvLsMAEeE1rFqQz3Ton2
Blockchain: Waves platform
CrowdWave will be used to implement CrowdCoin's technology on the Wave Network. The goal of this is to utilize the hybrid hash API pipeline to create a more stable token on Wave while expanding the reach of CrowdCoin's technology.

DISCLAIMER: Beware of fake asset names as token creators can use anything they want.
We cannot be held responsible for any project related activity (or lack thereof), always check with official sources if the assetID is genuine and if the project behind a token is trustworthy.
By using this faucet engine, you confirm that you're aware of the risks mentioned above.

Current Block: 1189983 -
Balance: 1993587 CrowdWave
Fuel: 0.00061910 Waves

To refill this faucet, send your CrowdWave to 3PE9n5HRUsU6kjknatxPfvam7WmKy8EJcRW
If you are this asset creator, you'll be able to customize it and get ads revenues soon (WiP)!

Gravit engine is currently being optimized to provide you with customized, on demand Waves, addresses, trades and assets reports. You can already ask for reports here. (OCL required as payment)

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every 60 blocks (approximately 1 hour) with this faucet simply by entering your wallet address below.


Wavesdrop Chat channel

To chat here, send any transaction to 3PE9n5HRUsU6kjknatxPfvam7WmKy8EJcRW with a message beginning with CHAT as attachment.
Links will be enabled only if you send 1 OCL with your message or if you are OCL premium.