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PVK COIN 2mpNVmafh2J5kcDKYHBvtAb476GKHEFwnYwD4cTcuFhU
Blockchain: Waves platform
Player Vengence Kill Coin is a decentralized crypto currency. Designed to pay avid gamers for services rendered. These services include but are not limited to, player kill revenge, pvp, player for hire, power leveling, account sales, in game trades, as well as streamers for tips. You will be able to spend PVK at supporting game related ecomerce webstores, and can be spent towards the costs of membership gaming for an ever increasing list of gaming companies.

DISCLAIMER: Beware of fake asset names as token creators can use anything they want.
We cannot be held responsible for any project related activity (or lack thereof), always check with official sources if the assetID is genuine and if the project behind a token is trustworthy.
By using this faucet engine, you confirm that you're aware of the risks mentioned above.

Current Block: 1268982 -
Balance: 0 PVK COIN
Fuel: 0.00010240 Waves

To refill this faucet, send your PVK COIN to 3PE9n5HRUsU6kjknatxPfvam7WmKy8EJcRW
If you are this asset creator, you'll be able to customize it and get ads revenues soon (WiP)!

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