This link is going to the following address which is (most of the time) not related to the Wavesdrop website or Oceanlab.
We can't take any responsibility for what happens when you click on the following link but we want to make sure you have the best cryptocurrencies experience as it's benefiting everyone.
We really want you to protect yourself when browsing any cryptocurrency related websites.

Here are a few rules you should follow at all times for your own safety:

- Always check the resulting URL in the status bar before clicking on a link.

- Would you give your house keys and address to a complete stranger? Us neither, never enter your seed anywhere on the Internet. NEVER!

- Always get your information from several websites before participating in any token offering. This includes an extended search on social networks to see what real people think of it (Beware of bots).

- Be aware of regulations in your country before doing anything related to cryptocurrencies, ask your regulators by sending them an email, it doesn't cost anything and they're there to help you (you may also help them as cryptocurrencies are a brand new field to discover).

- Stay away from any cryptocurrency team which guarantees market price x 10 and overuse rockets and moons in their communication.

- Surf anonymously by using Tor or any other "private" feature of your browser.

- Protect yourself with a paid antivirus/antimalware/internet protection suite. For most cryptocurrencies users it's worth the investment.

- Remember: Fraud is everywhere, be paranoid!

Ready to go? Here's your link: